designing and manufacturing of cycloramas



Duration of the entire process amounts to 3-4 weeks (including production, approximately 10 working days)

1. Preliminary size of space
Space size based on photos and sizes provided by a customer.


2. Project

We manufacture the project of a cyclorama with the use of CAD/CAM software, and subsequently we prepare final 3-dimensional visualisation and technical documentation.
The costs of the project is EUR 150 (net). Upon signing the agreement, the project is free of charge.


3. Costing


4. Acceptance of
- project
- costs
- deadline
- signing of the agreement


5. Production
- verification/taking particular measurements of the space in which the cyclorama will be situated
- manufacturing elements of the cyclorama- cutting of boards, milling of arcs, cutting elements
- collecting (paint, fixings etc.)
During production we use generally used carpenter’s materials, namely MDF boards, grooved MDF, chipbaords, HDF boards, plywood, scantling. We use only high quality paint – Flügger and flexible putty joints for connections.

6. Assembly
- transportation
- assembly at the customer’s


We have well equipped woodworking machinery which allows us for precise provide of cycloramas' elements:

a. hot wire foam cutting plotter – to cutting arches and forms in styrofoam and styrodur to maximum thickness of material 110 cm and height of 100cm.

b. milling plotter (CNC) – to milling in wood and wood-based materials.
c. 3-d scanner – very useful in imaging and dimensioning of space in which shadowless wall will be created.

Each new projet is treated individually